1885 Auto Service Center

Where the future of car servicing meets the craftsmanship of the past.

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1885 Auto Service Center

We’re not just your average service center – we’re your partners in ensuring your vehicle is always at its best! We pride ourselves on providing a vast array of services from warranty contracts to body shop, wheel alignment, and major vehicle maintenance.

Here at 1885 Auto Service Center, we’re committed to keeping your car in top shape. Let’s drive into the future together!


What We Do

Sanding of car elements. The mechanic works with a grinding tool. Painting car service. Repairing car section after the accident.

Warranty Contracts

The car in the garage of the car service shop with special repair equipment

Service Contracts

Various parts of the car on the stands for painting. Garage painting car service. Repairing car body work after the accident by working sanding primer before painting.

Body Shop

Car service worker applying nano coating on a car detail.


Worker hands installation on luxury car. PU Premium PPF film. PPF Cutting Software - Paint Protection Film,

Wrapping and Paint

Professional car service worker polishing luxury car rim with microfiber rag or cloth in a car detailing and valeting shop. Ultra wide angle shot.

Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services

Auto mechanic working in garage and changing tire alloy rims. Car service repairs or maintenance.

Major and Minor Services


Mechanical Repair


Electrical Repair


Brake Services

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Suspension Services


Diagnostic Services


Inspection Services

Car air conditioner check service, leak detection, fill refrigerant.

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems